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Ouranoupoli is a coastal village of Chalkidiki and the last secular destination before someone goes to Mount Athos.

Located in the third leg of Chalkidiki. The quickest way is via Egnatia Odos-Stavros-Ierissos. The most beautiful way is through Arnaia-Stagira-Stratoni.

Each year hundreds of thousands of people pass through the port of Ouranoupolis to take the boat and visit the Mount Athos.

In 2010 the population numbered 960 inhabitants, who are mostly engaged in tourism and fishing.

The history

The present village was built on the ancient city location. 

The latter was founded in 315 BC from Alexarchos, who was the brother of Cassander.

He built Ouranoupolis on the ruins of ancient Sani, which was destroyed by Philip II. 

Ουρανούπολη Χαλκιδικής
Ουρανούπολη παραλία

The surrounding area

In the southwest of the village is the tower of Ouranoupolis dating from the 14th century, than restored by an earthquake in the 19th century and today one of the adjacent buildings is housing the Community Agencies.

The Tower settled refugees mainly from Marmara in 1922 and the Locks in 1928. Ouranoupolis took its current name around 1960 when the development of tourism began.



Ammouliani is located between the peninsulas of Mount Athos and Sithonia and is the only inhabited island of Chalkidiki.

Known for its beautiful beaches, is a favorite destination for thousands of visitors.

There are not permanent crops and that has helped Ammouliani to remain untouched and can easily be described as paradise.

The beaches are the trademark of the island.

The name of it, prefigures what you will delight: sandy beaches with turquoise waters.

The beaches

Alykes, one the rear side of the island, is one of the most beautiful and large beaches.

The white sand and crystal clear waters will amaze you. It is organized with umbrellas, canteen and cafeteria. Close to Alykes , you can fInd Karagatsia beach ,a small cove with elms.

At the north side of the island you can find St.George beach and the beach of Megali Ammos, where there is also a small taverna that provides umbrellas and sunbeds.

Finally, Drenia islands known as Gaidouronisia are located at the south-east of Ammouliani. They are so close that you can swim from an island to another. Don’t forget to visit the greek traditonal tavern of Drenia.

Αμμουλιανή λιμάνι

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